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Accepted Papers


Main Track


Chair: Paulo Martins

Room B / Zoom – 1 September | 15h30m – 16h30m

Framework for Adaptive Serious Games (ST6)
Alvaro Marcos Antonio de Araujo Pistono, Arnaldo Manuel Pinto Santos, Ricardo José Vieira Baptista

On Modeling LMS Users’ Quality of Interaction Using Temporal Convolutional Neural Networks (ST7)
Abdulrahman Aly Awad, Aamna AlShehhi, Sofia Dias, Sofia Hadjileontiadou, Leontios Hadjileontiadis

On enhancing the conversation skills: The Dealogos prototype (ST7)
Sofia Hadjileontiadou, Ioannis Kapsidis

Student Engagement Detection Using Emotion Analysis, Eye Tracking and Head Movement with Machine Learning
Prabin sharm, Shubham Joshi, Subash Gautam, Sneha Maharjan, Salik Khanal, Manuel Cabral Reis, João Barroso, Vítor Filipe

Towards an Accessibility Evaluation of eLearning Tools in Emerging 3D Virtual Environments like Metaverse: Taking Advantage of Acquired Knowledge in Moodle and Second Life
Armando Cruz, Diana Carvalho, Tânia Rocha, Paulo Martins


Chair: Diana Carvalho

Room B / Zoom – 1 September | 17h00m – 18h30m

Developing Computational Thinking Practices in Primary Education. Outcomes from a school-year instructional intervention
Ioannis Vourletsis, Panagiotis Politis

Analysis and Improvement of the Evaluation Process Performance
Marcos Ferreira Nascimento Bisneto

Structuring collaborative setting in LcL
Agoritsa Gogoulou, Konstantinos Triantafyllou, Maria Grigoriadou, Aphrodite Tsalgatidou

Know Me: promoting gender equality in education through an interactive digital narrative
Ana Colaço, Ana Patrícia Oliveira, Nelson Zagalo


Chair: Daniela Pedrosa

Room A / Zoom – 2 September | 08h30m – 10h00m

Enabling educators to self-assess their STE(A)M readiness
Natalia Spyropoulou, Konstantinos Kostorizos, Achilles Kameas

Teacher readiness to adopt the flipped learning model: Exploring Greek teachers’ views and perceptions
Anna Dimitrakopoulou, Athanassios Jimoyiannis

Strategic Alignment of KMS
Marta Céu Morais Claudio, Arnaldo Santos

Adaptation and personalization of learning management system, oriented to employees’ role in enterprise context – literature review
Glória Aplugi

Learning Analytics Framework Applied to Training Context
João Tiago Dias, Arnaldo Manuel Santos


Chair: Vitor Santos

Room A / Zoom – 2 September | 10h30m – 12h00m

Designing, deploying and evaluating an undergraduate course on the “Didactics of Informatics”
Stelios Xinogalos

Augmented Reality in education: Exploring Greek teachers’ views and perceptions
George Koutromanos, Athanassios Jimoyiannis

A systematic literature review of strategies for implementing learning technologies in organizations
Helena Ferreira

Integrating video production in early ages to promote motivation for mathematics and transversal competences: examples from ViduKids project
Piedade Vaz Rebelo, Oliver Thiel, Graça Bidarra, Vanda Santos, Conceição Costa, Simone Evangelista, Anne Hjønnevåg Nakken, Signe Hanssen, Silvija Komo?ar, Nataša Kostrev, Bojana Vogrinc, Jožica Graj, Armin Hotmann, corinna bartoletti, Francesca Ferrini

Paper Sessions

T1: Work-based blended apprenticeship curricula for developing critical thinking in higher education classes (ST2)

Chair: Daniela Dumitru

Co-chair: Dimitrios Pnevmatikos

Room C / Zoom – 1 September | 08h30m – 10h00m

Teaching Critical Thinking– A Task-Based Approach: Work in progress
Elena Mäkiö, Juho Mäkiö

Developing critical thinking skills through work-based, blended apprenticeship curriculum for Business Communication
Mihaela Minciu

Better teacher – better critical thinker. Good practices for pre-service teacher training students in Economics in synchronous online classes
Daniela Elena Dumitru

Implementation of the CT blended apprenticeships curricula and findings per discipline: Foreign Language Teaching
Ivancu Ovidiu, Kriau?i?nien? Roma, Pošti? Svetozar

T2: Work-based blended apprenticeship curricula for developing critical thinking in higher education classes

Chair: Daniela Dumitru

Co-chair: Dimitrios Pnevmatikos

Room B / Zoom – 1 September | 10h30m – 12h00m

Using socially relevant projects to develop engineering students’ project management, critical thinking, teamwork, and empathy skills: the UTAD-REFOOD experience
Caroline Dominguez, Gonçalo Cruz, Adelaide Cerveira

Designing Critical Thinking Blended Apprenticeships Curricula to promote Reflective Thinking in Higher Education
Dimitrios Pnevmatikos, Panagiota Christodoulou, Angelliki Lithoxoidou, Triantafyllia Georgiadou

Is there a reason to change?
Hugo Rebelo, Luís Sebastião, David Ferreira, Rita Payan Carreira

Business-University collaboration in designing work-based activities fostering clinical reasoning
Rita Payan Carreira, Ruben Silva, Margarida Simões, Hugo Rebelo

T3: Instrumental orchestrations of digital tools to improve STEM learning (IOdtSTEM)

Chair: Joaquim Bernardino Lopes

Co-chair: Cecília Costa

Room C / Zoom – 31 August | 15h00m – 16h30m

From stories to science: An exploration guide to promote epistemic practices in primary school
Joana Rios Rocha, Joaquim Bernardino Lopes, Xana Sá Pinto

Teacher Training in the Fields of STEAM: From non-Digital to Digital Tools
Vanda Santos, Piedade Vaz-Rebelo, Graça Bidarra, Eleonóra Stettner, Ján Guncaga, Lilla Korenova

Virtual Laboratory in Electromagnetism: A Study of Instrumental Orchestration
Raimundo Nonato Medeiros Jr, Marco Duarte Naia, Joaquim Bernardino Lopes

Instrumental Orchestration in the Primary School and the use of digital resources: Systematic Literature Review
Sofia Laura Costa, Cecília Costa, Fernando Martins, J.Bernardino Lopes

T4: Fostering digital transformation to enhance global citizenship: collaboration and mobility in Higher Education

Chair: Ana Balula

Co-chair: Sandra Vasconcelos

Room C / Zoom – 1 Septembre | 17h00m – 18h30m

Playing for better tourism education: An experience built brick-by-brick
Carla Melo

The Challenges and Opportunities of Teaching Languages Online
Giedre Valunaite Oleskeviciene, Dalia Gulbinskien?, Liudmila Mockien?, Jelena Suchanova, Nagaletchimee Annamalai, Diana Babušyt?

Facilitation within the scope of co-creative educational projects: case study
Sandra Vasconcelos

TED Talks for Public Speaking Skills and Global Citizenship in ESP Classroom
Giedre Valunaite Oleskeviciene, Liudmila Mockien?, R?ta Lasauskien?, Dalia Gulbinskien?, Sigita Rackevi?ien?, Jelena Suchanova

T5: Fostering digital transformation to enhance global citizenship: collaboration and mobility in Higher Education

Chair: Sandra Vasconcelos

Co-chair: Ana Balula

Room B / Zoom – 1 Septembre | 18h30m – 20h00m

Facilitating online collaboration – a training proposal for teachers
Ana Balula, Susana Caixinha, Adrijana Krebs

Drifts of Collaborative Online International learning (COIL) towards pedagogical innovation: a foretelling bibliometric analysis
Ana Balula

T6: Artificial Intelligence in Education

Chair: Arsénio Reis

Co-chair: Tiago Pinto

Room C / Zoom – 31 August | 17h00m – 19h00m

Practical ethical issues for artificial intelligence in education
Paulo Roberto Córdova, Rosa Maria Vicari

A toolkit for Re-Mar to enhance classroom ocean literacy
Armando B Mendes, André Rolim Behr, José MV Cascalho, Diana Catarina Freitas

The impact of artificial intelligence on a learning management system in a higher education context: a position paper
Ruben Moises Manhiça, Arnaldo Manuel Pinto Santos, José Paulo Cravino

A review of conversational agents in education
Carlos Rodrigues, Arsénio Reis, Rodrigo Pereira, Paulo Martins, Tiago Pinto

Virtual assistants applications in education
Rodrigo Pereira, Arsénio Reis, João Barroso, Tiago Pinto

The impact of artificial intelligence on chatbot design
Jacint Duduka, Arsénio Reis, Rodrigo Pereira, Eduardo Pires, Tiago Pinto

Technology and Innovation in Learning, Teaching and Education

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