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Call for special tracks


TECH-EDU 2020 special tracks are sessions organized by high-profile organizers that invite 5-6 authors in a special podium session as part of the conference program. They intend to extend the impact of the conference and promote its main goals, namely: provide a space for debate on new tendencies and software projects for populations with special needs; contribute to the creation of synergies among public and private entities, namely Industry and Universities; to share experiences and best practices.
Outlined below are the guidelines for organizing and submitting a special track.

Proposal submission

  • In order to submit a special track proposal, please email the “Special Track Proposal Form” to TECH-EDU 2020 organizing committee at specialtrack@tech-edu.ws.
  • The special track organizer may use the TECH-EDU 2020 website to call for paper submissions. When a proposal is accepted, the special session organizer will be informed of the designated web-link. The organizer’s name will appear in the conference program as “Special Track Organizer.”
  • Additionally, each Special Track Organizer will receive ONE free full registration for TECH-EDU 2020.
  • For a session to be considered as a TECH-EDU 2020 special track, it must include a minimum of 5 papers.
  • Special tracks proposals should be submitted until July 31, 2020.
  • Special tracks organizers will be notified of acceptance until August 8, 2020.

Paper submission

  • All papers for the special track will be submitted to the organizer through TECH-EDU Conference Management System.
  • No special track papers are to be submitted through the TECH-EDU 2020 website.

Paper revision and selection

  • The special track organizer is responsible for having each paper reviewed by at least two independent reviewers.
  • The special track organizer will make the final selection of papers for the session.
  • The special track organizer must email all accepted authors information to specialtrack@tech-edu.ws, by the general notification deadline. TECH-EDU 2020 organization committee will then send official invitation letters and registration information to the authors.
  • All authors accepted for the special track are required to register and provide full payment by the conference registration deadline.
  • All final papers must be received by the conference final submission deadline and must adhere to the TECH-EDU 2020 final paper formatting requirements outlined at the conference website at http://www.tech-edu.ws/2020.
  • The special track organizer will act as chair of the special track at the conference.
  • The special track organizer’s paper can be reviewed by TECH-EDU 2020 scientific committee upon request.

If you have further questions regarding special tracks, please contact TECH-EDU 2020 organizing committee via e-mail at specialtrack@tech-edu.ws, with the subject “Special track information request”.

TECH-EDU 2020 Proceedings

Technology and Innovation in Learning, Teaching and Education

TECH-EDU 2020 proceedings will be published after the conference in the Technology and Innovation in Learning, Teaching and Educationgo to new site with Springer.